BJMP Step-by-Step Application Guide

The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) is a part of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) mandated by law to direct, supervise and control the administration and operation of all district, city and municipal jails nationwide with pronged tasks of safekeeping and development of inmates. It was created to safe keep and rehabilitate offenders who are temporarily confined while undergoing investigation, waiting for final judgment and those who are serving sentence promulgated by the court 3 years and below. Its primary mission is to enhance public safety by ensuring humane safekeeping and development of Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) in all district, city, and municipal jails for their integration into society.

The BJMP is now offering an opportunity to have a rewarding job in the government while helping people behind bars to become better persons. If you are interested in joining the BJMP as a Jail Officer 1, here is the step-by-step guide on how to file your application.
  • Step 1: Preliminary Interview and Assessment

    Go to the nearest BJMP Regional Office then proceed to the Directorate for Personnel & Records Management (DPRM)/Personnel & Records Management Division (PRMD) and submit your application to the authorized personnel the following documents placed in a folder properly TABBED and LABELLED:

    1. Duly Accomplished Personal Data Sheet (CS Form No. 212, Revised 2017)
    2. Photocopy of Birth Certificate issued by NSO/PSA
    3. Authenticated Copy of College Diploma
    4. Authenticated Copy of Transcript of Records
    5. Authenticated Certificate of Eligibility or Board Rating (w/ PRC ID)
    6. Photocopy of Marriage Certificate (if married) from PSA/NSO
    7. Photocopy of NBI clearance
    8. Photocopy of Police clearance
    9. Photocopy of Barangay clearance
    10. Photocopies of Court clearances:
       Fiscal Clearance
       MTC
       RTC
    11. Photocopy of NCIP/NCMF Certificate (if necessary), NCMF should be issued by the Bureau of External Relations.
    12. Photocopies of Certificate/s of Previous & Present Employment
    13. Photocopies of Certificate/s of Seminars/ Training Completed
    14. Valid Community Tax Certificate
    15. 1×1 and passport size pictures with name tag (1 pc. each)
    Bring the original documents for verification purposes. The submission and initial evaluation of applicants are conducted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM only.

  • Step 2: Initial Medical Evaluation
  • Step 3: Entry Level Examination
  • Step 4: Neuro-Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Step 5: Panel Interview
  • Step 6: Initial Deliberation
  • Step 7: Medical and Dental Evaluations
  • Step 8: Strength and Agility Tests
  • Step 9: Final Deliberation
  • Step 10: Submission of Required Documents
  • Step 11: Oath-taking

Reminders to Applicants

  • Always secure a Visitor’s ID Pass at the BJMP Headquarters Support Service Unit (HSSU) Area before you transact any business at the NHQ.
  • Always observe courtesy especially in following up the status of your application.
  • Always report on time.
  • Transact your business with authorized DPRM/PRMD personnel only. NO FEES shall be charged during your application except for personal expenses during laboratory exams or dental interventions done in private institutions.
  • Report to the Director, DPRM/C,PRMD any comments or suggestions to further improve the system.
  • If there is any individual or personnel of the Bureau who extort money in exchange for a favorable action on one’s application, proceed to the Directorate for Intelligence and Investigation (3rd Floor, BJMP-NHQ) or to the Office of the Chief, BJMP for commensurate action.