POE Review Quiz

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This QUICK QUIZ is based on the Penology Officer Examination Reviewer complied, edited and updated on August 2012 by J/SINSP MICHELLE NG-BONTO, Legislative Liaison Officer, BJMP-NHQ.

This includes 25 ITEMS/QUESTIONS based on 250+ random questions from the said reviewer and covers the following subject matters:

  1. JAIL MANAGEMENT CONCEPTS AND APPLICATIONS (Commitment, Classifications of Inmates/Reception Procedures/Classification ofDisciplinary Boards & Punishable Acts/Treatment of Inmates with Special Needs)
  2. CUSTODIAL CONCEPTS AND APPLICATIONS (Custody, Security & Control/Emergency Plans, Movement & Transfer ofDetainees & Prisoners/Inmate’s Rights & Privileges/IWD Programs )
  4. BJMP ADMINISTRATIVE MATTERS (Latest Policies, Issuances/Pertinent Laws)

The actual Penology Officer Exam will cover 150 Items plus 10 items on Examinee's Descriptive Information.You need to finish the actual exam at the maximum rate of 3 hours, by spending only 1.2 minutes of your time reading, comprehending and answering each item of the exam.

Questions and answers may need updating